Upgrade to Continuum sterling silver. More durable and tarnish resistant than standard sterling silver.
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Upgrade to Continuum tarnish resistant sterling silver

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Upgrade to tarnish resistant Continuum sterling silver for your ring or pendant purchase!

Select this option to purchase a more durable and tarnish resistant alternative to traditional sterling silver.  Continuum sterling silver is a new silver alloy that is harder and more durable than traditional sterling silver and will add years of life to your silver jewelry.  It's tighter grain structure helps the metal take a better and longer lasting polish as well.  We highly recommend upgrading to this metal for all wedding/engagement rings or daily wear jewelry.  Continuum is also nickel free for those with nickel allergies.

This upgrade is for one ring or pendant only.  You will need to purchase 2 if you are buying a 2 piece wedding ring set.


Benefits of Continuum Sterling Silver

  • Bright white color
  • Takes a better and longer lasting polish than standard sterling silver
  • Harder and stronger than standard sterling silver
  • Holds stones more securely in mounting
  • Highly tarnish resistant
  • Nickel free
  • Longer jewelry life due to greater durability


For more information about this great new sterling silver alloy visit:



Other metal upgrade options include:

316L stainless steel

14 karat gold (yellow or white)


*We will need your ring size for an accurate quote on these upgrades.





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