Turquoise Wedding Band Set with Moissanite Accents in Silver

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The perfect turquoise wedding ring set!

This matching turquoise wedding set is inlaid with a beautiful blue birdseye turquoise from Kingman, Arizona.  The turquoise has a faint darker blue pattern that gives the turquoise an interesting look without being as dramatic as spiderweb turquoise.  There are 3 channel set round Moissanites in the center that total .15 carats.  Moissanites are a great alternative to diamonds since they have even more sparkle and are almost as hard.  Combine that with being affordable and eithically sourced and they are great choice.  There are other gemstones that can be substituted if Moissanite is not for you.  

Both bands are sterling silver and measure about 8mm wide.  The man's band does have slightly more inlay channel than the woman's so the inlay goes about half way around the ring.  The woman's band is shown in a size 6 3/4 and the man's is shown in a 10 1/2 for scale.  

We recommend that you consider upgrading to Continuum silver for added durability and tarnish resistance.  Wedding bands are subject to a lot of wear and tear and the harder Continuum silver will hold up better than standard sterling silver over time.  Here is a link to read more about the Continuum silver and other metal upgrades.


This turquoise wedding ring set is shown in a his and hers combination but is also available in his and his or hers and hers combinations.




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