Swirling Red Dinosaur Bone Ring in Sterling Silver

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Dinosaur bone ring in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry.  This dinosaur bone ring is inlaid with 7 pieces of fossilized dinosaur bone.  The dinosaur bone is a bright red orange color and is highly agatized with great depth.  The color pattern is more freeform and swirling than some of the other dinosaur bone we offer.  This man's ring is 8mm wide at the top with a slight taper to the bottom.  It is shown in a size 10 for scale and will be made to order in your ring size in 4 to 6 weeks.  Production time could be shorter if the work load is lower or we may be able to rush your order in some situations.  The price shown is for men's ring sizes 8 to 11.  Sizes over 11 will be an additional charge for wax work and extra silver (see drop down size menu).  This dinosaur bone ring is also available in stainless steel, 14k yellow gold or 14k white gold for an additional charge.  A matching woman's ring is also available if you are interested in a matching dinosaur bone wedding ring set.

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