Spiderweb turquoise and dinosaur bone man's ring

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Dinosaur bone and spiderweb turquoise in a man's sterling silver ring! This ring features a unique combination of inlaid gray dinosaur bone with blue spiderweb turquoise. The dinosaur bone makes up the ends and center piece framing the 2 pieces of blue spiderweb turquoise. The gem dinosaur bone in this ring is several shades of gray with black cell walls and the turquoise is a light to medium blue with a very tight black spiderweb pattern.

The width of the ring is 11mm and the length across the top is 20mm. The ring is square shanked for a more contemporary design and to resist turning on the finger.  This ring will be made to order in your size in 4 to 6 weeks.  Additional charges are required for ring sizes over size 11.  This ring is also available in other inlay materials as well as stainless steel, 14k yellow gold or 14k white gold by special order.  Please email us for a quote.

The dinosaur bone in this ring came from the Colorado Plateau in Utah and was a living animal around 144 to 208 million years ago during the Jurassic Period . It is not actual bone but is a combination of minerals that replaced the dinosaur bone over a long span of time. Dinosaur bone is found in a rainbow of colors with the webbing color and cell size varying greatly from piece to piece. The varying cell size and colors of the dinosaur bone create some truly unique patterns and virtually one of a kind pieces of jewelry. The fossilized dinosaur bone can be composed of many different minerals including agate, jasper and calcite. Dinosaur bone color is determined by the combination of minerals present when the fossilized bone was formed. Some colors are more rare than others with multicolor cells in a nice pattern being the most sought after and commanding the highest price. High quality dinosaur bone has a hardness of 6-7 on the Moh’s scale and takes a great polish for jewelry. Top grade gem dinosaur bone is eventually going to become impossible to get because, as you might have guessed, they aren’t making it any more and collecting is only allowed on private land. Start your collection of dinosaur bone jewelry today!

**If you wish to substitute lab created opal for the spiderweb turquoise, please check the box and $40 will be added to the cost of the ring.  The opal in the photo is Photoshop created and is not the opal that will be used in the ring.  Please contact us with your color preference (blue-green, more blue or more green) or enter it in the box after selecting the opal substitution option.

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