Rainbow Lab Opal Ring in Sterling Silver

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  • Item #: W100ssRainLabOpal
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Check out the rainbow opal colors in this wedding band. This ring is inlaid with 4 different colors of lab created opal. The sterling silver opal band is 5.5 mm wide at the top with a slight taper toward the bottom of the shank. It is inlaid with 7 pieces of lab created opal ranging from green to bright red. It is stamped .925 sterling silver and is hand signed "MMH" by Mark McBride Hileman. A matching man's or woman's band is an option if you need a matching wedding set. The price shown is for women's ring sizes up to 8. Women's sizes larger than 8 will be an additional charge.  This woman's band is style #W100

Laboratory grown opal is a great alternative to natural Australian opal. It is basically the same chemical structure except the small amount of water that is present in NATURAL opal is replaced with resin in the LAB CREATED OPAL. This gives the lab grown opal the advantage of greater strength and durability. The colors of the synthetic opal we use rival those of top Australian opal at much more affordable prices.

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