Opal Pendant with Lapis, Sugilite and Chrysocolla

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Unique blue topaz sterling silver pendant inlaid with Australian opal, lapis, sugilite and chrysocolla. A beautiful trillion cut blue topaz weighing 2.5 carats dangles from a hinged connection below the body of the pendant. This handmade pendant measures 37mm long or 1 3/8" and is 15mm or 9/16" wide at the top. The bale on the back will accommodate an omega chain or most other chains.


The blue topaz in this pendant is diffusion treated. Diffusion treated stones are color-enhanced (not naturally colored) stones. The diffusion process colors the outer surface of the stone by heating the gem in the presence of other compounds (like iron oxide, chromium oxide, titanium dioxide, etc.) that will infuse the extreme outer surface stone with color. The treatment allows consumers to purchase unique stones at an affordable price that otherwise would be much more expensive if occuring naturally.

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