Lab Created Opal Ring in Sterling Silver by Hileman

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Look at the beautiful blues and greens in this lab opal ring.  The ring is inlaid with two different colors of lab created opal.  The bottom pieces of opal are blue with green  and lighter blue flashes.  The blue opal alternates with a predominately green opal with some deep blue flashes.  The ring is fairly wide, measuring 11.5mm at the top and tapering down to 8.2mm at the bottom.  It is shown in a size 6 3/4 for scale.  It will be made to order in your ring size in 4 to 6 weeks.  Sizes larger than size 8 will be an additional charge.  Select your ring size from the drop down size menu.  This ring is available in a variety of opal colors and combinations if blue and green opal is not for you.

The laboratory created opal in this ring has essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as natural opal.  The primary difference is natural opal contains some water content and lab created opal has no water content.   The water is replaced with resin making the lab created opal stronger and less prone to cracking and breakage than natural opal.  Expertly cut lab created opal can mimic the colors and fire of the best Australian opal.

Most of our ring styles are also available in 14k white or yellow gold as well as stainless steel for an additional charge.

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Visit our Flickr page to see examples of some of the great lab created opal rings we have made.




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