Dinosaur bone ring with black onyx in sterling silver

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Dinosaur bone ring inlaid with alternating dinosaur bone and black onyx in sterling silver.  This silver men's ring is inlaid with 3 pieces of reddish-brown gem dinosaur bone and 4 pieces of black onyx.  The black onyx looks great with the black cell walls of the dinosaur bone in this ring.  The ring measures about 6mm wide at the top and is shown in a size 10 for scale.  If you need a different size, we can make the ring in your size in 4 to 6 weeks.  We can also make this ring with other inlaid stones or in stainless steel, Continuum silver, or 14k white or yellow gold for an additional charge.  Customize it!

The dinosaur bone in this ring is usually referred to as gembone and came from the Colorado Plateau.  Fossilized dinosaur bone is actually not dinosaur bone, but a combination of minerals that have replaced the bone over time (kind of like petrified wood).  This dinosaur bone came from a dinosaur in the Jurassic Period about 144 to 208 million years ago.

See more dinosaur bone jewelry photos at our Flickr site.


Ring Specs:

Measurements- 6.1mm wide at top and 4.8mm at shank (bottom)

Metal- Sterling silver (may be made in Continuum silver, 14k white or yellow gold, or stainless steel by special order)

Size-  10 (made in other sizes by special order)

Inlay material-  reddish brown gem dinosaur bone and black onyx (other colors by special order)


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