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Men's turquoise ring designs in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry.  These handmade sterling silver turquoise rings feature spiderweb turquoise inlay as well as plain turquoise in a range of blues and greens.  Many of the ring designs you will see are inlaid with turquoise and other colorful materials to accent the turquoise.  As with all natural stones, the colors of the turquoise may vary slightly from cut to cut of the same stone and the random spiderwebbing will vary as well.  Please allow for some variation in this natural material.  All of our turquoise rings will be made to order in your ring size in 4 to 6 weeks.  

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Most of our turquoise rings are inlaid with turquoise from the southwest region of the US with most of it coming from Kingman, Arizona.  All of our turquoise is natural (no man-made or reconstituted) but some of it has been stabilized.